I'm Julie. My last name is impossible.
    But as Jay Z said, ''Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week.''


    I work as Innovation Consultant at Board of Innovation.
    We make pioneering corporates innovate like startups.

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  • Projects

    The projects I learned the most from and potential future projects I look forward to. (up to 2016)

    There's nothing more important as a mission that reinventing education. I want my future kids to...
    Innovation is often seen as something mythical, a magical buzzword which often leads to...
    November 1, 2016
    I've initiated a long-term collaboration with the Baloise Group.  We've set up 3 innovation tours...
    September 1, 2016
    Empowering corporate innovators also consists of helping them gain insights into cutting-edge...
    January 15, 2016
    We curated a pre-track, where we made 50 hours of e-learning material, among which snackable...
    December 1, 2015
    Part of the lean team focused on learning through validation. Some of the thing's we've done:  ...
    October 1, 2015
    The goal was to start the sales conversation on a strategic, business level instead of a...
    August 15, 2015
    During my full-time studies at Solvay, I worked on this project with my cofounder for 7 months...
    September 15, 2014
    During a 2-week Design Thinking Bootcamp at Solvay Business School, I lead a team of 5 students....

    3+ years of professional experience in marketing & innovation

    A.B. InBev

    Innovation Consultant

    @ Board of Innovation (Antwerp, Belgium)

    Duration: Current (since January 2017)
    Role: Speed up the innovation process of corporates


    - Building capabilities for corporates in Business Model Innovation

    - Assisting corporates in Organisational Development to fuel innovation

    - Facilitating workshops in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Innovation

    - Setting up accelerators, hackathons, bootcamps and intrapreneurship programs

    - Coach intrapreneurial teams and help develop their corporate ventures


    Innovation Consultant

    First FTE @ nexxworks (Ghent)

    Duration: September 2015 - December 2016

    Role: Inspire & empower corporates shape their Day After Tomorrow


    - Consulted leadership teams on innovation strategy.

    Clients included Microsoft, Liberty Global, Baloise, and others.
    - Organised five innovation tours & two seminars.

    - Worked on internal projects, developing new services and products.

    Solvay Business School

    Innovation & Strategy

    Advanced Master @ Solvay Business School (Brussels)

    Duration: 1 year (2014 - 2015)

    Role: Class rep
    - Graduated with High Honors.
    - Developed insight in strategy, innovation management, digital marketing and business model design.
    - Built startup (HappyCar) which was on the verge of raising capital.


    Project Manager (Marketing)

    For the Levi's brand @ Levi Strauss & Co. EMEA HQ (Brussels)

    Duration: 1.5 years (2013-2015)
    Role: I started as Junior Marketeer, grew to Project Manager
    - Quadrupled budget responsibilities in just eight months.
    - Achieved constant on-time and within budget project deliveries.
    - Implemented pan-European digital signage solution for 60 retailers.

    A.B. InBev

    Junior Marketeer

    For the Marketing Department @ AB InBev's HQ (Leuven)

    Duration: 1 year (between 2011 - 2013)
    Role: Intern + Junior Marketeer
    - Worked in Marketing, New Product Development & Franchising.
    - Two innovation projects (from idea to pre-launch)
    - First insights in the corporate world, FMCG industry.

  • Why work with me?

    I'm driven by kickstarting innovation and have the skills to back it up.

  • This is me in a nutshell:
    My strengths
    - I'm a forward-thinking problem solver.

    - I'm a natural, human leader.

    - I'm continuously curious, eager to learn.

    My weaknesses

    - I get frustrated if others aren't as committed or capable.

    - I'm allergic to things that slow me down, specifically politics and overcomplex processes.

    - I can come across curt and abrasive.

    These are my core skills:

  • Innovation Management

    Innovation is part art, part science.
    A part of innovation (science) needs to be managed so that the ambiguous, chaotic part (art) can run wild and free.

    Fluid Strategy

    Long-term strategic planning is not my style. All plans end with ''Conquering the World.'' Sustainable competitive advantage is gone. I believe it's about fluidity, agility and temporary competitive advantage.

    New Venture Development

    Solving problems, from ideation to launch.
    I eat, sleep and dream business models.


    I need to have the freedom & responsibility to be entrepreneurial. I thrive in ambiguity.

    Lean Startup

    Not for the sake of being 'lean & mean'.
    For the sake of getting the right things done and not wasting resources.

    Design Thinking

    Because the magic happens at the convergence of tech, business and people. Empathy is the cornerstone of creating meaningful innovation.

  • Let's talk!

    If you're ready to go from ambiguity to action, let's meet for coffee (or at least quality green tea).


    +32 494 24 34 44

    Antwerp, Belgium

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